Have you heard of these things called “Life Hacks?”

In short, they are small tips to help you live a little easier. These are actions and practices that work for some people, and maybe they will work for you.

College High School really needs a course dedicated to job hunting…

Let’s say you’re looking for a job, or maybe you’re just window shopping. If you can’t seem to find the right fit, try these tricks out. You might find yourself getting more interviews, better opportunities, and higher response rates to the messages sent to employers.

1) Go beyond Job Search Engines.

Monster, CareerBuilder, and all those search engines are tied to the same type of opportunities. While these represent a large chunk of what’s available, the jobs on these websites are the most competitive and best advertised.

These career websites should be part of your search, but putting all of your eggs in this basket could result in slow progress and frustration.

Use them to gauge the market and see who is hiring. Also, try a comprehensive search engine such as www.indeed.com, then followup outside the website.

2) Make a Job “Wish list”

Where do you want to work? What type of work do you want to do? How do you want to do it?

Simply said – list out what you want, then you can figure out how to get it.

Once you have this down, you can find business’s in your area or elsewhere that offer this. And if you can’t find it online, then you should….

3) Use MORE resources – Recruiters, Staffers, Friend’s, Family, etc.

Talk to your network, and let it be known you’re looking. Some of the best opportunities are created from the smallest connections. Your “family friend” may have the ability to connect you to your dream job, and you might not even know it!

Ask around, and let Word Of Mouth take over.

Outside of your family and friends, I encourage everyone to utilize staffing agencies and recruiters. If you’re willing to pay, staffing agencies are amazing.

If you’re in any commission based field, or salaried sales, recruitment agencies can be extremely helpful. Search for any agency around you, and give them a ring.

4) Differentiate yourself

In a sea of fish, you gotta stand out. Figure out anything that is standard about your resume or interview process, and make it better.

Are you following up after every job application or interview? Have you brushed up on you learned about the company you applied for? Is your resume finished up and nice?

And please – dress up. It’s much more comfortable to be overdressed than underdressed.

5) Get all Skeletons out, and dust the trophies

Any smart employer who is interested in you will “google” your name and research your digital profile. Remember, in the hiring process, they are learning as much as they can about you in a short amount of time.

Everything they find needs to be appealing, so make sure all skeletons are out of the closet. Specifically, clean up Facebook and any other online sites where you can be found. If you’re tagged in a “Saturday night beer bong” youtube video, maybe consider untagging yourself.

My buddy even took down his entire (ridiculous) videoblog he built throughout college, and replaced it with a youtube channel that releases weekly Guerrilla Marketing tips…He was trying to make himself look more professional by marketing himself online, and it worked. Employers started calling him back once they weren’t finding all that dirt in his background checks.

The point is: Your resume should already highlight your accomplishments, and good employers look around. Take control and make sure they find exactly what you want them to.

6) Master the Followup

After you apply, make sure to correspond every 4-7 business days through and email or phone call. Simple as that.

Remember, persistence can reveal enthusiasm and strong work ethic to employers.

Once you get your interview, immediate send a “thank you” email for the opportunity, and go from there in determining how to followup.


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