[LifeHack Series] Simple system to organize your Inbox

Have you heard of these things called “Life Hacks?”

In short, they are small tips to help you live a little easier. These are actions and practices that work for some people, and maybe they will work for you.

Every. Single. Morning.

This [LifeHack] segment is for anyone dealing with a daily barrage of Emails. Below, I’ve laid out the best organization trick I’ve ever learned for something that seems to be a problem everywhere: The clusterf**k that is the average Email Inbox.

This is something I was horrible about efficiently organizing, for a long time. After trying many different systems, I found a simple solution that seems to work in most industries.

Create four folders:
1) Unread (standard Inbox)
2) To Do
3) Waiting/Pending
4) Done
Here is what each folder does:
1) Unread(Inbox): the catch-all for incoming messages. These are either taken care of immediately, or sorted to another folder.
2) To Do: Use this folder are seldom as possible. This is for emails that have been read, and require further action by you.
3) Waiting/Pending: Emails that have been requested or responded to, and await a response or completion from someone else.
4)Done:  Anything that is fully complete, goes here. Delete/archive these messages daily.

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