[LifeHack Series] Smaller Failures allow for Large Success

For the first time in my life, I can proudly say I’ve been living up to my New Year’s Resolution.

Around 11:59pm last December 31st I told myself I would “Live, Laugh, and Learn more than ever before.” At the time, I didn’t realize this would mean my starting a business and failing daily on some remedial task, only to grow from these mistakes. Rather, I immediately thought “a university would be the perfect vessel to lead me to these goals.” College is fun, active, and the destination to take education to the next level. Makes sense, right?

However, I had some business ideas, and my friends & family quickly pointed out the glorious reality of my situation. I’m 25, educated, fairly-experienced, and enthusiastic about these ideas. Someone said “If there is ever a time to try, it’s now. In the likely event that you’ll fail, you’re young enough to recover.”

It was the harsh truth. So instead of going back to college, I decided to be a bit more bold.

And what started as me seeking advice from a mentor, a partnership was forged. A for-good business was born. At the time she warned me “be ready for failure,” but also stated her confidence in our ability to create a successful, profitable business.

I didn’t realize the type of failure she was talking about, so naturally, I was confused.

It’s been months since we began the construction of The Fulcrum Agency, and I now understand. Every day is full of new experiences that force me to try new things and apply critical thinking. I’m learning, laughing, and living more than I ever have before. I’m able to live up to my New Year’s Resolution because I’m failing every day on a very small scale, with small tasks. The funny thing? This has allowed me to grow as an individual and contribute in ways I’ve never thought I could. These daily “bumps in the road” have been completely internal, and I’ve learned from these mistakes quickly. As a result our clients have only had amazing things to say about our approach, attitude, and effectiveness.

The process of combining our creative ideas, methods and strategies has been one of the most insightful experiences I’ve had. We’re working with Fortune 500 companies, and weeks away from the soft-launch of our brand.

Now when I hear the word “failure” my mind jumps to new places it hadn’t before. I think of “opportunity,” “growth,” and “improvement.”

The most revolutionary moments stem from those willing to dive head-on into something new, something “risky” that will give them hundreds of small opportunities to innovate. Without these micro-opportunities and miniature-mistakes, there would be fewer success stories to inspire the world.

TL; DR – Don’t be afraid to fail. Embrace the opportunity.


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