A Sustainable Business is built on Sustainable Processes.

The Wall Street Journal estimates there have been about $14,000,000,000 in global USD gains from Six Sigma efforts – which is just one approach to continuous process improvement.

While it’s important to have larger conversations surrounding the introduction of new enterprise sustainability initiatives and social responsibility campaigns, it’s equally important to discuss how to reduce waste in the fundamentals of any business.

Let’s focus in on production processes.
As we all know – reduction in waste typically means a more sustainable business, right?

Whether your company creates products by the millions, or you’re a service provider in an area such as graphic design, process efficiency can save your brand (and consumers) big bucks.

Our data indicates the average group makes a noticeable improvement effort every 3 years, and redesigns their production process every 5-6 years. To better tell this story, we mocked up this infographic.

Your department’s processes, your enterprise processes, or even your own individual processes – all of these can be evaluated for improvement.

Where do you stack up? When was the last time your department, small team, or large enterprise redesigned your process to be more efficient? How much did you estimate to have gained as a result?


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