You’ve found the digital home for all things Adam (me). Unbeknownst to you, you’ve also stumbled across the home of my new blog, “Adam’s Fancy Blog” (<<Working Title).

I know, blogs are so 2002, right?
Here’s the deal: My line of work exposes me to downright brilliant people, and I’m fortunate to talk to them about their ideas. Entrepreneurs, design legends, executives of Fortune 500 brands, marketing mavens, masters of psychology, and titans of industry. These conversations give me an incredible amount of motivation, and, insights on how business should be done.
It’s time I share it.

Every week, expect something new.
Each issue is sent out on Sunday, including a one-page brief to propel you through your week.

You can expect:

  • my find-of-the-week, typically a short leadership insight picked up from someone bright.
  • a short multimedia piece for motivation. This could be a TED-talk, an clip from our podcast or conference, a find from the web, etc.
  • recipe-of -the-week, something we made in our kitchen for the team. Recipes might be ours or someone else’s – Nonetheless, all are guaranteed to be delicious, and fairly simple to make.
  • a spotify playlist to help you with the Monday grind.

All past blog entries have been archived….with a few exceptions. You can look to the top of this page and scroll over “Global perspectives” or “Business perspectives”. Here, you’ll find some of my more popular entries from my old blog from 2013, Coffee & Careers.

While the webpage (and the title) is under construction, you can still sign up for the email list. Be sure to click the “follow” button to receive the next post.

Thanks for swinging by,